Friday, December 9, 2011

If She Had Just Used Meatballs As Ornaments!


  1. Law...that could have been my mother's tree back in the day...and she made us put those stinkin' icicles on! Don't even get me started on the angel hair. It's a wonder I'm not more throwed off than I am after all that asbestos exposure in the winter and DDT in the summer.

  2. I remember those damn stinkin icicles too! I absolutely HATED them. Me and my sister had to put them on the tree too. When my mom & dad weren't looking, each and every year, I would take a fist full of those horrific things and just pitch them on the tree. I got caught a few times, but it sure as hell beat hanging them one by one!


  3. Spaghetti on a Christmas tree sounds good to me, but I would like the meatballs too. I'm hungry.

    I hated those Icicles. They were tacky. Now blue flocked trees are more to my taste because I'm classy like that.

  4. Girls, seems like we all had the same problem with mothers and the dreaded icicles! However, I must admit that I LOVE the look of the vintage! I'm thinking that next year, I may buy icicles for Lurch to put on the strand at a time! That ought to keep him busy throughout the holiday! :)