Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Does My Tummy Look Like A Reindeer Butt?

Ain't it the truth?
Let's be honest...
we are going to enjoy the holidays!
Think of poor Santa after all those cookies and milk!
At our house, we leave Santa something in a shot glass,
because we have a hip Santa!

Thanks to Karen at The Graphics Fairy for this great graphic!
Of course, I have messed with the image just a tad,
because that's what I do!

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  1. Lord have mercy, even that reindeer looks fat! Maybe a Sapphire Martini is the answer for him too!

  2. Linda, at our house Santa always gets a shot! No milk for our Santa! Our Santa is a fun Santa! Even when the boys were small, they would leave him a glass of milk and a snifter of Grand Marnier. :)

  3. i'm coming to your house if you're santa is hipper than mine.

    i said "hipper", not "hippier"... wait. hmmm.... if your santa is "hippier" is it JUST in a shot glass that you leave him good stuff? brownies work too...

    ;-D xoxoxoxo