Monday, May 28, 2012

Sacrifices Great And Small...

I never liked Mondays until I discovered Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy!
I almost forgot that today was Monday though,
so my submission is a little late in the day.

I wanted to incorporate Memorial Day into my creation today;
however, it is hard to use humor on this special day when we honor
all the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom.

My more serious artwork for today is posted on my other blog, Moonlight Hollow.
Go HERE to see it.

Since I always try to create humorous work for Brag Monday,
I chose a patriotic theme with a twist.
I feel like we forget how much women sacrifice to serve in our military.
So this submission is for you ladies who serve!

To create this submission, I used a beautiful, patriotic illustration
which depicted a Jewish family being welcome by Lady Liberty.
Of course, I found this illustration on The Graphics Fairy.
I used one of my vintage photos and inserted it in the illustration
to make the artwork speak to our day of honoring the military.

Want to see the work of other creative souls?
Just go HERE.

Karen, thanks a million for featuring my last submission on your 
blog today! I am so honored!

Have a great Memorial Day everyone! 


  1. Linda, you are marvelous and I love you!

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