Monday, May 7, 2012

You Can't Make Me

Thanks to Karen at The Graphics Fairy
for this lovely illustration.

I added some textures and current political humor
and made it my own.

I'm posting my creation on Brag Monday.
Check out all the creative projects
by going HERE.


  1. can't make me either! you should send to the obama camp for posters. love it!

  2. Thanks,Beth! I was thinking about sending it to a couple of liberal sites but was kind of afraid to. You just encouraged me to do it!

  3. I'm not voting for him either. And I'm not even American.

  4. OMG,,, I found you via the Graphics Fairy and nonamedufus who I also follow (and have a little crush on)left you a comment. This is kismet, I am following you on pinterest for sure.

  5. MissMacyMay,

    You be crushin' on the Dufus? You have to be careful because he has the man flu! :)

    Going to check out your blog and pinterest board now! Thanks for finding me!


  6. I liked you until this...ugh...really? You can stand another four years with that Dufus?